Akrobatik:Ruff Enuff

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“Ruff Enuff”
Artist: Akrobatic
Albums: The Lost Adats (2003)

yo challengers get marked off like days on calendars
i hunt down frontin mc's just like a scavenger
focusin on those that's glamourous on camera
burning through they town like a double headed gamera
mmmm.. mc's a la deep fry
my style explodes just like the sky in the fourth of july
living independent days like will smith
motherfuck a gun i got these murderous rap styles to kill with
yo you could ask the people that i chill with
you could cut off akrobatik's legs and i'll be still swift
i can't be stopped by no physical ailment
fuck what accutrainer thought i suffer from derailment
third rail watts as i blow up spots
with styles that rock knots while your billboard spots
are full of wack stuff laced with mc's that bluff
when we know that they style's not rough enough

i dominate the earth like poverty and hunger
wisdom of a century but eighty years younger
so through youthful expression there's no need for second guessing
first album makes a lasting impression
tighter than the skirt that's on the hookers you be stressin
i master studio stage and freestyle sessions
blessin rap fiends with art that's dead heat
watch me freakin like moses and park this red seat
bloody streets corny mc's and muddy beats
the flow's so dirty when i sleep i get money sheets
my lyrics meet and surpass expectations
all real mc's bond that's where nations
are corny mc's who grab mics and bluff
when we know that they style's not ruff enuff

now the handwritin on the wall is plain
that mr akrobatik was put here to reign
reign like alexander droppin flows on innocent bystanders
futuristic seas like highlander
live and black to white like a panda
from boston to atlanta why mc's reach for mylanta
cuz i'm all up in your gasterix but wait there's a asterix
i'm also in your favorite dj mastermix
yo pass the kicks and snares kid i'm famished
i brought sense to the battle mc's vanished
one day i'ma ask fat joe to teach me spanish
so i could tell rappers in two languages that they banished
i keep it locked like nuns hold they legs tight
and bring chaos like a halloween night egg fight
damn skippy rock that peter pan ? or jif
crunch you like peanuts i'm butter with the gift
my style is swift like jonathon you're corny like mocassins
and ain't no rap arena you could rock this in
my coalition rocks the due awareness solo mission
picture hip-hop the indy five i got the pole position
i'm up a level like a cd rom
plus my self produced tracks be the bomb and i'm gone
because we know that your style's not ruff enuff