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Against All Authority is ska/punk band from Miami, Florida that was formed in 1992. The group consisted of Danny Lore (bass,vocals), Joseph Koontz (guitar, backing vocals), Macbeth Proenza (drums), and Alan Veronese (trumpet). That is the current line up.They were a DIY group. Against All Authority is a group that spreads their ideas through music. Their lyrics talk about DIY, punk, ska, rebellion, and anti-police. In 1996, Against All Authority released their debut album entitled "Destroy What Destroys You." This was a mix of Cuban ska on Joe Koontz side mixed with sloppy punk mix from Danny Lore's side. In 1998, Against All Authority was signed to Hopeless Records and they came out with the album "All Fall Down." After the release of "All Fall Down", Against All Authority has been touring the world. In 2001, they took a 4 year break to come out with a new split with Common Rider in 2005. Over the years, Against All Authority has been touring and coming out with new records; gaining new fans. To this day, they continue what they started in 1992.


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