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“A Yak Song”
Artist: A F Harrold & Preacher John
Albums: A F Harrold's Bohemian Nights (2002)
Composers: A.F. Harrold
Lyricists: A.F. Harrold

Um, Preacher John tells me that you've written some music for a poem of mine, of which I asked him to write some music for, I wasn't expecting him to actually do it, um, which now puts me in the awkward, er, position of having to say to John, yes, we'll do that song, um so we're going to do that song - I, I must warn you it does involve dancing.

Er, me, not him, yes erm

If I'd er - sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh - stop, stop.

Um, it's actually, er, one of the yak songs that er, yak poems that's never been done here before so a world premiere preview.

That was the dancing.

He's waiting for me to come in ...
We'll keep this up as long as you like.
This is what I say to everyone.

In the continent of Asia in the Himalayan range
There's a one-eyed yellow idol that some Westerners find strange
A one-eyed yellow idol, just a thing that nature's built
To impress intrepid white men in their trousers or their kilts

He has to do that in all four times.

These white men know what happens when a mountaineer gets lost
In the Alps or in the Andes mountain rescue send the dogs
That bold St. Bernard breed especially trained at saving people
And although they have difficulty with a man stuck up a steeple

It's in a different key, though.

Where was I?

A man stuck up a steeple

They're good at what they do in the mountains that they know
And they're happiest when they're rollicking with half-corpses in the snow
But those aren't in the Himalayas though there are signs that they've no dogs
It's to do with late night barking pissing off the gods (last orders at the bar please)

They had to find an alternative to fill St. Bernard's niche
They experimented with peregrine falcons, mountain goats and feesh
In the short term ... rather long
And though the pythons were enthusiastic its motivations were wrong

A bit of dancing, I think.
(Yaah! Woo!)
(Woo hoo!)
(Woo hoo-hoo!)

Shu... over the page

None of them had the commitment and none had the St. Bernard's knack
For saving missing people, that is until they tried the yak
The yak liked finding people they ... is assumed
That once the people are out of there the yak has much more room

Boom bm bm bm bm, boom

Oooh ooh
(Woo hoo)
Oooh ooh
(Woo hoo)
Oo oo oo ooh, guooh

That fucked yer

We were talking about the yak.

He's a solitary creature, he does not like to share
With any living animal the mountains what are there
An advantage over St. Bernards that the yak has got I figure
Is the little brandy barrel on the yak is that much bigger