A F Harrold:This Is His Story

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“This Is His Story”
Artist: A F Harrold
Albums: A F Harrold's Bohemian Nights (2002)
Composers: A.F. Harrold
Lyricists: A.F. Harrold

Rob Sowden
One two one two
One two one two one two one two one two one two one two

Thank you

A.F. Harrold
While the er, guitarist that organising I'll just quickly
Explain what this song's about.
Ri- ma- u- vi- hu- uf-
Sunday after next, Sunday Sermon, Preacher John's house, everyone is welcome.

Some time ago
Our erstwhile drummer
Our erstwhile stalwart of a drummer
Went away from us
Huhuh to South America
Where he did stuff.
And now he's back.
And this is a
This song
This is a
Are any, are all the guitarists ready?

Rob Sowden
Everything's hunky dory.

A.F. Harrold
Okay fantastic
Er this is his story.

And it does involve dancing and it does involve (...?...)

Well as a boy in California
Rikk was not the best
He couldn't do arithmetic
He never passed a test
He was scruffy in his manner
He had holes in his vest
When asked his opinion on anything
Young Richard always guessed
Until one day his mum
... with his father
Buy that boy a drum

Around the age of puberty
Hair began to grow
On his chin and on his chest
And even down below
That was getting low
And suppleness was in his wrists
And first thing in the morning
With the rising sun
Rikk woke up the neighbours by
Banging on his drum

Rikk was going steady
With a girl named Mary Lou
And she was very happy
To do just what teenagers do
And stuck to him like glue
And couldn't bear to hear him say
That he and her were through
I don't mind, he told her
That you giggle when you come
But yesterday (...?...)
(...?...) pissed upon my drum

Ler der da der um
Layum er er der

Looked like Edward Gory

Work in progress.